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Bi-wiring loudspeaker cable
Price: 261  incl. VAT
Four-wire installation loudspeaker cable (4 x 1.5 mm²) made from oxygen-free copper for cabling all kinds of PA systems and hi-fi systems. The 0.254 mm thick individual wires and the signal conduc...
High Speed HDMI cable with ethernet
Price: 769  incl. VAT
Top-class HDMI® cable made from highly pure HPOCC copper. A special clearly recognizable OEHLBACH colour code for the inner conductors and diameters adapted to the ProIn HDMI® plugs now for the fi...
LF audio cable, halogen-free
Price: 139  incl. VAT
Highly flexible low-frequency cable for many possible applications – be it for headphone cables, PA installation, connecting hi-fi systems or just as control leads – thanks to the separable twin d...
VGA cable, halogen-free
Price: 348  incl. VAT
The analogue alternative to HDMI/DVI cables for the transmission of image signals from PCs to projectors and screens. The silver-plated inner conductors made from oxygen-free copper and the high-q...
Component video cable, halogen-free
Price: 276  incl. VAT
For the best-possible transmission of analogue image data. Its precisely calibrated impedance of 75 ohm, inner conductors made of highly pure oxygen-free copper and effective shielding allow image...
S-Video cable, halogen-free
Price: 197  incl. VAT
The classic product for conference equipment and security systems – easy to lay and quickly configured. Very densely braided shielding blocks out interference from external sources. The outer shea...
Digital optic cable - halogen free
Price: 139  incl. VAT
Optical cables are first choice – particularly over greater distances – when digital audio signals are to be perfectly protected from electromagnetic interference. They may also be used, for examp...
Digital audio/video cable, halogen-free
Price: 165  incl. VAT
Coaxial cable that, with its precisely defined impedance of 75 ohm, is equally suited for the transmission of digital data and audio signals as well as analogue video signals. With its silver-plat...
Antenna 120 MP
Price: 81  incl. VAT
This excellent ProIn antenna cable with fourfold shielding counts among the best on the market. Its shielding rating of 120 dB means that it is perfectly protected from interference, it is HDTV-co...
Loudspeaker cable, halogen-free
Price from: 162  incl. VAT
Installation loudspeaker cable made from oxygen-free copper for cabling all kinds of PA systems and hi-fi systems. The 0.254 mm thick individual wires and the signal conductors have been twisted t...
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Shown records:

Footage Metráž


Price from: 80  incl. VAT
Excellent, highly flexible speaker cable for hifi systems up to approx. 80 W / channel


RGB plus Sync. Scart to 5 x Cinch
Price: 2852  incl. VAT
High-quality video connection for the loss-free transmission of the RGB signal of a RCA socket to a target device, which need the synchronisation signal separately at one or two additional RCA soc...