19-PIN MultiLine Series

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HDMI adapter for 19-PIN MultiLine cable
Price: 1697  incl. VAT
HDMI to 19-PIN multimedia adapter. Equipped with a high precision, high speed HDMI connector on one side and a 19-PIN MultiLine connector on the other. This enables sturdy, quick and convenient in...
Installation cap for 19-PIN MultiLine cable
Price: 153  incl. VAT
The 19-PIN metal cap may be easily and securely screwed on to the MultiLine installation cable. The 19-PIN cable can then be pulled extremely easily through an empty conduit.
19-PIN MultiLine installation cable
Price from: 2117  incl. VAT
Preassembled digital MultiLine installation cable with 19 separated and shielded inner conductors! The all-purpose cable with multiple shielding possesses a 19-pin plug with metric thread at both ...
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19-PIN MultiLine Series 19-PIN MultiLine kabely


RGB - YUV Video Cable
Price: 223  incl. VAT
RGB/YUV- component videocable, 3 inner conductors, exactly defined HF-Inpedance of 75 Ohms. Inner conductors made from oxigen free copper ensure perfect signal transmission. A solid shielding prot...


LS SPEZIAL 2 x 1,5 mm²
Price: 49  incl. VAT
Valuable and durable speaker cable for hifi systems.