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Shown records:
S-VHS Video Cable
Price: 135  incl. VAT
High quality S-VHS cable
Video Cable 9 mm
Price: 230  incl. VAT
First class, double shielded coaxial cable with an exactly defined HF-impedance (75 Ohms) for an improved picture quality.
NF 2
Price: 353  incl. VAT
Excelentní nízkokapacitní propojovací kabel s postříbřenými vnitřními vodiči. Průměr 8 mm.
RGB - YUV Video Cable
Price: 223  incl. VAT
RGB/YUV- component videocable, 3 inner conductors, exactly defined HF-Inpedance of 75 Ohms. Inner conductors made from oxigen free copper ensure perfect signal transmission. A solid shielding prot...
NF 214
Price: 545  incl. VAT
First class premium cable with silver plated inner conductors. 384 single leads ensure a highly dynamic reproduction. Sound characteristic: Wonderful staging with a most powerful and precise bass ...
NF 1
Price: 197  incl. VAT
High quality, highly flexible interconnect cable with a silver plated inner conductor, diameter 5.5 mm.
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Shown records:

Footage Metráž


Price: 713  incl. VAT
Excellent connection of a computer and a screen, 15 pin Sub D to 5 x BNC connectors for video RGB plus sync vertical and horizontal.


Non Interference
Price: 965  incl. VAT
Tempting audio/video interconnect with silver plated inner conductors made from pure OFC copper, a silver plated shield made from silver plated OFC copper, assembled with precisely shielded, injec...