HDMI switches and repeaters

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HDMI Network Extender, CAT 6,7 extender
Price: 8555  incl. VAT
HDMI network extender for the transmission of an HDMI signal over a distance of up to 50 m with CAT 7 at a resolution of 1,080p. This makes it a problem solution for many areas of deployment where...
Audio XT HDMI Audio Extractor
Price: 4450  incl. VAT
The Oehlbach Audio XT enables the audio track to be decoupled loss-free from a completeHMDI signal and, separated from the video signal, be transmitted to another device. The outputof the audio si...
UltraHD Splitter 1:2 Leistungsfähiger HDMI-Verteiler für UltraHD-Signale
Price: 3000  incl. VAT
Wer HDMI-Signale in der maximal möglichen Auflösung von 2160p (UltraHD) in hoher Qualitätauf zwei Geräte parallel verteilen möchte, kommt um den UltraHD Splitter 1:2 von Oehlbachnicht umhin. Hochw...
UltraHD Switch 3:1 4k2k High Speed HDMI Selector
Price: 3000  incl. VAT
The Oehlbach UltraHD Switch 3:1 puts an end to the frequent replugging necessary for too manysource devices. The device receives signals up to UltraHD resolution of 2160p with three HDMIinputs and...
HS-Repeater Passive HDMI repeater
Price: 1730  incl. VAT
Oehlbach´s HS repeater is an adapter and amplifier for extending HDMI cables and processingyour digital signals. This HDMI repeater works entirely without a mains adapter and draws itspower from t...
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HDMI switches and repeaters HDMI switche a repeatery


SILVERLINE 2 x 4,0  mm²
Price from: 177  incl. VAT
Outstanding, highly flexible silver plated speaker cable for HiFi-Systems


Price from: 194  incl. VAT
For demanding Hi-Fi connoisseurs and home-cineasts, this cable is a real delicacy. Three ingenious radiating air-tubes, which are embedded into the structure, do offer two advantages: first of all...