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FISCON Bluetooth handsfree for Volkswagen and Skoda

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Upgrade Set UHV Low - Premium FISCON
Price: 9990  incl. VAT
Your vehicle is factory fitted with a premium hands free system (rSAP) but your mobile phone doesn't support the rSAP-feature?Your vehicle is factory fitted with an UHV Low hands free system but y...
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VW, Skoda, Seat VW, Skoda, Seat


TWIN MIX TWO 2 x 6,0 mm²
Price from: 271  incl. VAT
Exceptional, round shaped speaker cable, 2 x 6 mm², each 3 strands of copper twisted with 3 strands of silver plated copper for a dramatical improved transmission for both, the highs and the bass ...


Transdata A1 - adapter displayport to HDMI
Price: 812  incl. VAT
This multimedia adapter is used for transmittingdigital audio and video signals and is equipped withan HDMI® socket on one side and a display portconnector on the other. The adapter is normally us...