Power Socket 907

Power Socket 907
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The Oehlbach Powersocket 907 is a multiple socket that has been made to very high standards and that will satisfy even the demands that are made at the top end of the home-audio and home-video segment. The multiple socket possesses a total of eight individual sockets – four digital (filtered) and four analogue (unfiltered) plug sockets. Also, two separate plug-socket groups consisting of two filtered and unfiltered plug sockets each may be switched individually. The Powersocket 907 also possesses two USB sockets for charging multimedia equipment, e.g. MP3 players and tablet PCs. The two USB sockets are also controlled by the mains switch. The Powersocket 907 possesses phase marks at the individual plug sockets and the correct connections are indicated by a red control lamp in order to ensure that the equipment´s phases are properly connected. This is the only way to effectively prevent potential-equalization currents from interfering with audio and image data. Very high-quality inner cabling with a cross-section of 2.1 mm² and made from highly pure oxygen-free copper and gold-plated solid brass rails always guarantees stable power supplies – even for components with high power requirements.

· 8 individual sockets
· 4 digital (filtered) sockets / 4 analogue (unfiltered) sockets
· The two socket groups (filtered and unfiltered) can be
switched individually via two
separate power switches
· Solid brushed aluminium housing
· Correct phase connection ensured by an indicator light
and phase marking on the individual socket
· Integrated sheath current fi lter protects against ground
loops and high-frequency transients
· 2 USB ports for charging devices (5 V, 2100 mA)
· Surge protection with LED indicator light
· Extremely high-quality internal wiring:
High-purity and oxygen-free
copper inner conductor
2,1 mm² inner conductor cross-section
Gold-plated brass rails for internal
power distribution
· external power cable with IEC connector:
Oxygen-free copper inner conductor
1.5 mm² inner conductor cross-section
1.5 m cable length
Mains voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz


Section: Powersockets and cables
Power Socket 907 Power Socket 907


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