HS-Repeater Passive HDMI repeater

HS-Repeater Passive HDMI repeater
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Oehlbach´s HS repeater is an adapter and amplifier for extending HDMI cables and processing
your digital signals. This HDMI repeater works entirely without a mains adapter and draws its
power from the HDMI cable. The passive amplification in this very compact device allows HDMI
signals to be processed in such a way that they may be transferred over longer distances.
Compatible with all Oehlbach HDMI cables up to 20 metres, several devices and cables may also
be switched in sequence so that a maximum distance of around 60 metres may be bridged. The
HS repeater supports all current image formats, including 3D, 1080p/120Hz, 36bit Deep Color
and xvYCC Color. It also supports the following audio formats: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master
Audio, LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS 7.1, DSD. Oehlbach´s HS repeater works perfectly with projectors,
Blu-ray players, DVD players, PlayStation 3, HD receivers and Sky receivers.

•3D TV at 4 K resolution
•Full HD – Video
•Reliable contact
•Passive extension of the HDMI connection to up to 60 m
•Up to two devices may be cascaded
•Maximum distance of 60 m (only with Oehlbach Real Matrix cable)

Technical Data
•Audio format Dolby True HD / DTS-HD-Master Audio / LPCM / Dolby AC3 / DTS 7.1/ DSD
•Resolution 1080 p / 1080 i / 720 p / 576 p / 576 i / 480 p / 480 i

Section: HDMI switches and repeaters
HS-Repeater Passive HDMI repeater HS-Repeater - pasivní HDMI repeater


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