HDMI multimedia tray with gender changer

HDMI multimedia tray with gender changer
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HDMI® multimedia tray designed as a gender changer, i.e. one HDMI® socket is located on the front and one on the rear of the tray. This design helps reduce the time required for installation at site due to the fact that only the preassembled HDMI® cable needs to be plugged in. All plug contacts are plated with 24 carat gold. In combination with the mounting frame, any two multimedia trays (alternatively one tray combined with a blind cover) may be used for each frame with the internal dimensions of 50x50 mm.

Compatible with many ranges of switch, z. B.: Busch & Jaeger, Gira, Siemens


Section: Multimedia Tray
HDMI multimedia tray with gender changer HDMI přímá PRO IN panelová zásuvka


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