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For demanding Hi-Fi connoisseurs and home-cineasts, this cable is a real delicacy. Three ingenious radiating air-tubes, which are embedded into the structure, do offer two advantages: first of all, the the cable gains an enormous stability while it is still offering an outstanding flexibility. On the other hand, the construction allowes a perfectly consistent paralellism of both conductors, which results in superb electrical parameter. This air-chamber structure, which has been patented since 1998, is already being used with great success in many other products out of our high end product-line. The inside of the cable is as well to be found on a technologically advanvced level. Traditionally Oehlbach excusively uses commodities of highest performance which guarantee highest purity und thus ensure best possible signal-transfer. 50 single twisted inner strands, measuring only 0,254 mm each, minimize the skin effect reliably. To gain further improvement in signal-transfer, we use silver plated OFC for this cable. The result is an outstanding, brillant sounding cable with an extremely high grade of neutralism.


Section: Footage
CRYSTAL SILVER STAR Reproduktorový kabel Crystal Silver Star, 2 x 2,5 mm² stříbro


REAL MATRIX Cable - HDMI® Type A on HDMI® Mini Connector
Price: 1158  incl. VAT
This High Speed-HDMI® cable supports all HDMI® formats to Cat.2, resolution up to 1080p. Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) inner conductors, quadruple shielding and 24 carat gold-plated pins ...


SCA 2003
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Excellent 21-pin A/V-connection with silver plated, oxygen free inner conductors, precisely injection molded connectorswith 24 ct. gold plated pins and a shield made from oxygen free copper.